James Roderick Burns

A Gathering Darkness

Thirteen Classic English Ghost Stories, edited and introduced by James Roderick Burns:

Thirteen Victorian and Edwardian ghost stories that send chills up the spine and create an atmosphere sure to make the reader turn on an extra light and push up the back of their armchair against the wall.
Amidst crumbling, ill-maintained churches and imposing cathedrals, on desolate coastland, moors and marshes, even along unlit roads extending into the new suburbs of London, you will find strange, preoccupied gentleman farmers; scholars and antiquarians; administrators of the British Raj; cowering country girls drafted into service in leaky mansions; cussed, gnarled servants and remorseful clergymen; frustrated aristocrats, and their puzzled American cousins; crooked jurists, desperate children and modern women emancipated in ways they never imagined.
The stories, in short, are the quintessence of nineteenth century literature, except for that one small, and unexamined, crack in its magnificent window pane.
In these thirteen classic stories of the supernatural nothing is taken for granted except, perhaps, for fear.